Favorite San Antonio Attractions

This wet theme park is a treat for anyone who loves animals, roller coasters and fabulous shows. Not only does SeaWorld San Antonio have Shamu (the performing killer whale), it also has walk-through habitats where you can watch sea lions, sharks, fish, penguins and flamingos do what they would do in the wild. For those who crave being a part of the action, there is an inverted roller coaster (do this on an empty stomach), along with a variety of water rides, where not a hair on your head will be dry after riding. Check out the water-skiing shows and the restaurants and be sure to stick around at night for laser shows and seasonal concerts.




The Riverwalk is a MUST DO in San Antonio!!  Although the main downtown area is only 1 mile in a circuit, the developed section of the river extends much further north and south, from the historic King William Neighborhood to the redeveloping Pearl Brewery.  The depth varies between 2 and 5 feet in the ‘controlled’ section between the floodgates, but is much deeper – between 19 and 24 feet outside. The control gates are raised during storms to prevent the shallow section from flooding.




The deals for purchasing season’s passes here are great!!

There is a large assortment of rides for all ages and many games and shops to choose from.
Now for some cons…
The flash pass prices are way to expensive, so if you’re not planning on purchasing any, you can count on having to wait quite some time in line.
Also, some of the employees seem like they just don’t really care to be there, although there are some really nice workers as well.

All in all if you’re in San Antonio looking for something to do with the family, you might wanna give Fiesta Texas a try.





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